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Entrance & 'Visibility' Project, TU Munich

location: The Technical University Munich

year: 2010

The Technical University Munich is one of the elite universities in Germany with faculties for aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as architecture and industrial  design. Siemens, The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Design, O2 Telecom and BMW are all organisations based in Munich and with a host of aerospace companies provide much funding and sponsorship support for the University.

The entrance is also an important point of arrival for the International Conferences held in the large Audi Max hall. Our role is to improve the 'visibility' of the main entrance building, built in the 1960s at 21 Arcistrasse which currently has a dark and austere presence.  The upgrading will have new lighting and white graphic design screens and clear way finding maps with current information on digital display screens. The external ramp improvements will make easier access for cyclists and the less able and make substantial improvements to the inner open courtyard. The work coincides with the opening of the new all white Faculty Centre, by Prof. Fink which has panoramic rooftop terrace views across Munich towards the Alps. This is also a favorite social point and venue for lectures and faculty meetings.

Part of our work at the University has been to produce a new exhibition system which is also used for degree presentations by the students.