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Aero House


Lake Eibsee (mobile)

TU Vienna:

Gerhard Abel, Ursula Hammerschinick, Sivia Hörndl, Martin Janecek, Brigitta Kunsch, Paul Linsbauer, Christian Lottersberger, Michael Quixtner, Margit Rammer

TU Munich:


Florian Dressler, Mathais Plassmann, Georg Herdt, Steffen Knopp, Inga Mannewitz, Frederike Krinn, Catherina Reuthersberg

TU Vienna:

Prof. Richard Horden, Andreas Volger, Willi Frötscher, Anne Wagner

TU Munich:

Prof. Richard Horden, Wieland Schmidt, Moritz Mungenast

The first all-carbon fibre architectural project. The design originated at the TU Vienna in 1996 with a student team supervised by Richard Horden and Andreas Vogler [ now founder of Architecture and Vision ]. Later detailed design and construction was completed by three teams at TU Munich.

The design is for a 26 kilogram cabin which can be lifted onto a car roof rack and provide minimal short stay accommodation for surfers and skiers. Entry is from below and the cabin can be adapted for access through the car roof light and uses LED low energy lighting and pv solar cell or vehicle charging. Surfers can place the cabin in the waters edge and skis and surfboards can be hung from the underbelly.

The 26kg cabin is fabricated using a double thickness carbon fibre shell with an interlayer of 1.2cm insulation. Subframe is fabricated using auto spiral wound carbon fibre tubes with aluminium plated joints.