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Event Centre

location: Summer/Lake Silvaplana
Winter/Skiresort Corvatsch

students: Henry Rist, Sebastian Uhl, Fabio Wendnagel

teaching team: Prof. Richard Horden

The purpose of this event centre is, to provide space and shelter for the jury of a surf- or snowboard-race, for award ceremonies or press events. The main shape of the structure was inspired by two inflated parachutes. They will be the only closed elements, ensuring a maximum of transparency through and out of the project. Yet the simple form is also eye-catching, and offers great potential for a corporate identity. The beautiful landscape is preserved around an object that does not only touch the ground lightly but also hardly affects nature underneath it. The modular construction allows for a simple assembly starting with the foot framework followed by the middle beam module that supports the whole static system. Due to its light weight and size (not more than 5x2m), transportation is possible by lorry or helicopter.