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Solar Proa

location: Mobile

year: 2006

students: Andreas Schwab, Tibor Bartholomä, Daniel Boos,
Carolin Diβmann

The solar power boat is a concept boat for the average family. It has space for six people including the driver, multi-functional, innovative technology and materials and can be operated without a drivers license. It is also light and elegant. These are all fundamental issues that were considered durning the development and design process.

Our final product, the 'proa', is an asymmetric catamaran that is completely powered by solar energy and made from carbon fibre. The dynamic, asymmetric shape allows for a large surface of 14.5m for the solar panels.  To avoid a drift towards starboard, it works with a similar principle as the gondolas in Venice - it has a longer water line on the side towards the small hull. A symmetric, streamline shape underneath the waterline reduces drag to a minimum. Above the waterline the shape is dominated by edges that set a new standard for innovative and modern boat design.