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Solar Cabin

Design teams:

Artek Sismiut Greenland Engineers: Klaus Jeckel, Alex Stubbing, Erik Lundind, Martina Marencokova, Martin Kotol, Lise Nygaard Jensen, Simone Zuppiroli

TU Munich Germany: Berit Kleine-Möllhoff, Smaranda Marculet, Anna Reisert, Quentin Perchais, Zhao Jingxian, Lin Wei, Ikegaya Satoshi, Julien Lafitte, Sophie Backhouse

Copenhagen Denmark: Soeren Andersen, Stine Holst Pedersen, Hassan Walid Chaachouch, Zahra Alilou, Nicola Rigoni, Jannie Bakaer, Nis Peter Lange, Soeren Madsen

Assistant architects: Nadine Zinser Junghanns, Wieland Schmidt

Supervisor:  Professor Richard Horden

A project in the development stage at The Arctic Research Centre, The Danish Technical University and The Technical University in Munich for autonomous compact homes for visitors and explorers to remote areas of Greenland. The cabins will provide high quality space and facilities powered by photovoltaic solar cells for use primarily in the '24 hour sunlight' of Greenland's April to September visitor months.