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Art and Sculpture in Dorset

location: Branksome Park, Dorset

year: 2012

design: Poppy Valentine Horden

New sculpture at The Courtyard House, Branksome Park, Poole. Two aluminium and stainless steel pieces 1.0m and 1.6m high have been added to the collection and installed in the grounds of the house. The inclined bar creates an impression of a floating beam of light,  illuminated naturally by night sky and moonlight.

The designs follow an exhibition at The Mess Room, Saatchi Gallery, on the 1st and 2nd of June 2012.  This brief show combined line drawings, paintings and small sculptural maquettes informed by the invisible yet vital links in our lives today. This is expressed as two abstract figures carefully positioned on the diagonal of the square panels using the Golden Section. This wide space between the figures can be seen as symbolising gravity between planets or the invisible emotional ties between people or the unseen links between computers or mobile phones. So much in our world is vital to our wellbeing yet both intangible and invisible.

The opening event was attended by many friends and guests from Bryanston School including headmistress Sarah Thomas. Poppy's mentor Marijke de Goey, the celebrated artist and sculptor from Amsterdam, previously professor of art at the Rietveld Academy was an especially welcome guest. The Mess Room exhibition was held for Poppy Valentine Horden's graduation from The Arts University College Bournemouth, she received a First Class Honours Degree.