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Stag Place

location: London SW1

year: 1997

client: Land Securities plc

design: Richard Horden Associates

Land Securities, the UK’s largest quoted property company, selected Richard Horden Associates to design a new office building at Stag Place in Victoria following a limited architectural competition in 1987.

The building’s triangular plan was generated by the site’s shape and it spans both an ancient river culvert and the Victoria Line underground station. A particular feature of the scheme is the 70 metres high double-skin, glazed façade, which acts as a ‘solar wall’, collecting energy in winter. Full size construction mock-ups of the 17-storey, 22,500 sqm scheme were manufactured. A varied form of the scheme was finally built in 1997. This follows closely the basic planning guidelines achieved by Richard Horden Associates and the recommendations of The Royal Fine Art Commission. During this phase the office was retained to develop the details of the low energy façade.

The building also incorporates low-energy plant working in combination with the façade to reduce energy consumption. The building is occupied by the Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions.