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House in Cornwall

location: Tregonce, Cornwall

year: 2008

client: Private

House for a private client at Tregonce a small hamlet located between Rock and Padstow . The house sits at the focal point of views across the estuary from the two towns. The linear plan arrangement of this house, which is for a sailing family, reflects the wide generous proportions of the site a 200m waterfront.

The house faces north over the inlet so the design has to make careful use of courtyards and top light to bring the sun's energy into the building to reduce energy losses through the sometimes opened glazed north facade.

The low slate walls are integrated into the design to enable a flow of space and natural movement from east to west. This restrained low profile design made in 2008 is deliberately reduced to enhance the sculptural shape of the two beautiful high macrocarpa trees and to enable extension of the house to the east and west without disturbing the background Cornish rural landscape when viewed from Rock and Padstow.