Vilnius Concert Hall Competition


The results of the “National Concert Hall ‘Tautos namai’ in Vilnius, Lithuania” competition were announced last month, and now HCL Architects are proud to finally release our submission, the development of which began in Spring 2019. Although our design did not ultimately win, it was an enjoyable challenge for the team – including each of our Part I architects – to be so intimately involved in the design process.


Embraced by the natural beauty of Tauras Hill, the gentle form of our Concert Hall nestles in harmoniously amongst the treetops. The timelessness of music is echoed in the Concert Hall shape, based on a figure-of-8 ‘Begalybe’ pattern, which welcomes visitors with infinite opportunities throughout the year to move, meet and enjoy the building in a truly social and inclusive experience.


Our landscape strategy includes new informal pathways, kept snow and ice-free by utlising waste heat and lit with new lighting powered by solar capture, which will wind through the Tauras Hill Park, creating an experiential journey from street level up to the National Concert Hall. Points of interest are introduced along this pathway, such as a multifunctional open-air theatre and ice skating rink, and an improved children's playground, so both summer and winter activities can be enjoyed in this landscape.


The functional layout of the National Concert Hall emphasises its generous volumes, clearly demonstrating to visitors how they may fully enjoy all areas of the building. The ground floor areas best benefit from a relationship with the park, such as exhibition, shop and cafe areas. With the Grand and Small halls facing each othe across the combined Foyer, maximum interaction is assured.




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